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Monday, February 15, 2016

Few tips for good parenting

Toddlers are the lovely creature who are cranky at times. Its them who make our life happy and also they are ones who drive us crazy. I'am also going through the same experience a toddler gives. Here are the few things i realized during my experience and also from the advice from elders

1. Don't scold for the mischief

When your kid makes mischief don't scold them or yell at them. Try to explain the situation in a kind and gentle way. They will surely understand. Also they will also inhibit the habit of explaining their view in the same way. 

2. Don't discourage when they make mistake

We should not discourage our kids when they make mistake. It will reduce their confidence. Most importantly we should never say bad about them in public or in-front of others. It will have lots of negative effects on them. They will lose the trust on us. It will hurt their emotions. and eventually it will reduce their capability.

3. Show lots of love and affection

Let them know that you love them a lot. Cuddle them daily. It will make them feel loved and they will learn to love other and how to show their affection.

4. Spent time with them

Spend lots of time with them. Give them the first priority how much ever busy your life is. Play with them. Make them feel that you are there for them

5. Give them healthy and tasty food

When it come to food for toddler it by itself a very big topic to discuss :).  To be short give them healthy food that includes all the required nutrients. Avoid outside food and try to prepare them at home. Like each of us each kid have their own taste, likes and dislike. Figure out what your toddler like and prepare it accordingly and also it changes as they grow. And more importantly don't force them if they don't eat. Their appetite will vary from one day to another like us.

6. Keep yourself healthy to concentrate on them

First you have to be healthy in-order to concentrate on what they need. Being sick or weak we can't take care of them. Take care of yourself well and keep your healthy too.

7. Avoid mobile / social networking / TV when they need attention 

It is not that we should stop using our mobile / SN / TV programs all together. Just it should not let them feel abandon.

8. Reduce the time they are taken care by others

Todays working parents have no other choice than to leave them to our parents, relatives or caretakers. But try to reduce the hours they are with others. No on can understand a child like his/her parents. Husband and wife can have alternate shifts and take care of their kids alternatively

9. Appreciate them to mingle with others

Let them play and mingle with neighbors, relatives and other kids. Its important for them for their future. We cant be with them always when they are grown

10. Lastly, know the age of your kid for disciplines 

Till 5 years never scold your kid. From 6 to 15 teach them all disciplines and good habits. After 16 years be their friends. Parents are the best ever friends for a kid.

These are the things i personally feel as good parenting which is definitely not the only thing. Please share your thoughts and views also which i can learn.