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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Safety measures at home with a little toddler

The first thing that comes to our mind when our baby starts to walk is their safety. Every now and then we will be keeping our eye on them to check if they dint topple on anything. How much ever alert we try to be, accidents are more with toddlers. We can reduce some accidents if take some safety measure at home. Lets see few ways of child proofing the house.

1. Sharp items away

We will have many sharp items like kitchen knife, scissors or some tools like screw driver, cutting player. They should be kept away unreachable. There might me more such items like pins, rod etc.

We should be careful about the places where there are water. All kids are attracted by water. We should be careful that they don't drown their self in it. Big bucket full of water. Hot water taps, water tank, toilet may become dangerous when kids play there unattended.

Kids once they start climbing they will be curious in climbing all the opportunity they have at home. But they wont know what will topple them and what are safe. So we need to make sure they cant climb those objects that will topple things on them.

4.Slippery floor
We should be alert to make sure that water poured accidentally on floor or a mopped floor is dried before kids skid on them. This is a frequent cause of injury especially at the back of head when they skid and fell on their back. Also most of as are having our floors tiled or marble mosaic where we cant see the water.

Next place of attraction kids especially when they are hungry is fridge. One thing is they will consume cold beverages on more quantity without our notice or might eat non-edible stuff which need to be refrigerated. So we have to place them such a way that they are not reachable without our notice.

6.Cosmetic items
Another most interesting thing that kids go for when are bored is their mom's makeup table. They are mostly fascinated by the makeup item that their mom/dad uses. Certain items like  nail polish, liquid items like perfume, deodorants, creams, lotions etc will have me kept unreachable without our notice as they are poisonous if consumed.

7. Lockable rooms and toilets
A frequent incident with toddlers is they lock them self in a room or mostly bathrooms and toilets. Some smaller kid might not know how to unlock them. So its always safe to have two way lock which can be open from other side with a key.

8. Sharp Edges

There will be many sharp edges around like the corners of table, sofa or cot which might cause injury when kids play around by chasing each other and fall down. There are many childproofing available in market to hide those sharp edges.

9. Fire places
Kids should be kept away from fire places like gas stove, microwave ovens, induction stove, match boxes and even fire crackers. They should be warned and tough to be cautious with them. Kitchen is their favorite place where delicious food is prepared. Also most children are fond of kitchen utensils to play with even if they have plenty of toys.

10. Electric appliances and switch board
Another most dangerous thing at home is the switch board. Many accidents are reported in this. Kids should be warned seriously not to play with them. They should far from their reach. For plug point some dummy holders are available in market. They can prevent smaller kids from playing with their fingers without our notice. 

11. Safe toys
While buying a toy for your kid we should read the age and safety labels. We should inspect all toys regularly. Watch for toy that become hazards. Buy good quality toy that does not use hazardous color and poor material that breaks and causes injury and those does not have sharp edges. Also see to that the toy they use does not have any small part that kids might swallow and get choked. Even coins and button and pins come under that. Have to be careful with batteries too. Regularly check the batteries and throw away the old one which will start to leak the acid which they have which are very poisonous. 

These are the stuff that i have in my mind. Do share your thoughts :)